Get lost in London

Oh, how I love London!

Travel London 1

I was there for a week at the end of 2014, winter had just started to take its hold on the city as the days were growing ever shorter. But for the whole week I was there, the infamous English weather decided to hold off and I was treated to crisp, bright days that were almost warm if I lingered in the sun long enough. I did a walking tour around the famous spots and my sister joined me a couple of times but for the most part I wandered around alone, exploring it for myself and getting lost.

I felt like I saw so much of the great city, but after those 7 wonderful days I knew there was so much more that London had to show me, and one day I'll go back and experience it all.

Travel London 2

Elizabeth Tower which holds Big Ben

Travel London 3

The gates to Buckingham Palace

Travel London 4

Admiralty Arch, where you can see one of the seven noses of Soho hidden throughout the city

Travel London 5

Horse Guards Parade. Fun fact - this is where they held the beach volleyball for the London Olympics 2012

Travel London 6

Me being a dorky tourist with a phone box and Big Ben in the background.

Travel London 7

View from the Tower of London

Must see/do:
Free walking tour - a great way to learn the history of London and see heaps of the good spots for free. I think nearly all of my photos in this post were taken on the tour. This will pretty much cover half the things I could put down as must-sees!

Oxford Street - If you have a shopping addiction like myself, then you definitely need to head to Oxford Street and some of its neighbouring streets for the best shopping London has to offer. I would highly recommend going early as possible on a week day to avoid the mayhem that ensues. Luckily for me I was waking up at 5am and made it there before they'd opened half the shops. Yay for jet lag!

Travel London 8

Southbank - I was there in winter so was treated to some gorgeous night markets all along Southbank. There are heaps of free events there all year round, plus plenty of cool stores, restaurants and attractions to see, including the London Eye and the London Dungeon.

The London Dungeon - it's not actually the dungeons! I was really disappointed. But in saying that, it's a pretty fun attraction. I just couldn't think of anything I would recommend skipping!

Do you have any suggestions where I should visit next time I'm in London?