Travel videos

A great way to get the feel of a place is to actually see what it looks like before you visit, and one of my favourite ways to do that is to watch peoples' videos of the places they've been to. I also love making videos to accompany my travels in my spare time, so check out what I've got!


Greek Islands with Topdeck

I was so lucky to be able to head to the Greek Islands to do a Topdeck trip, thanks to Flight Centre NZ. It was the Aegen Sunseeker, 8 days from Mykonos to Santorini on a beautiful big boat, what a dream! 

Europe Travel Vlog part 1

Here's a snapshot vlog I put together of my first month in Europe! It's got highlights from Amsterdam, Cologne and Denmark.




2 Days in 2 minutes in Cebu, Philippines

There was so much fun to be had in Cebu and the surrounding area. Check out the highlights reel, including swimming with turtles, crazy high waterfall jumps and some stunning highlights!

If 2 minutes isn't enough, check out the full blog post here

2 Days in 2 minutes in Coron, Phillippines

Coron had to be one of the most stunning places I've ever visited! It's also the first in my new style of travel videos - 2 days in 2 minutes. 

Find out where all these amazing places are in the blog post here!

Queenstown Highlights

In June 2016 I visited Queenstown for a long weekend, for the very first time! June in New Zealand is quite cold, but it's not the coldest month and the ski season normally kicks off at the end. I was just there for a look around, to explore it and enjoy some of the wonderful experiences it has to offer. 

Check out the full blog post here

Fiji & Springbreak Highlights

In November 2016, my friend Sara and I visited Fiji for SpringBreak. We were based on Beachcomber Island for 5 days, then headed to the main island where we stayed in Denarau for a couple more before heading home. 

Here are some of the highlights of the trip, mostly from our time on the lovely Beachcomber Island. 

You can find the full blog post here.

That One Time I Got Upgraded To Business Class

This one was a bit of fun because I was randomly given an upgrade on an Emirates flight from Melbourne. I had such an incredible experience that I filmed it and created a video for it! 

And no, this is not a sponsored video....I was just fan-girling! 

Melbourne 2016

I moved to Melbourne for a short while, and I really wanted to create a video of all the great times I had when I was there. Melbourne is a city like no other, and I can never properly find the words to explain why. So instead, I let the photos and the footage do the talking!