Get lost in a book, in a new city, in someone's eyes, in the moment and make sure that along the way you lose your fears, your inhibitions and even your voice (it always happens when you have too much fun).  

Who I am

I'm Amber and this is my little travel blog. There are a lot of places I've been to, but so many more that I want to explore.

I can't travel as much as I want to (never enough time or money, I work full time and blog on the side), and I sometimes worry that my heart will always be restless and I'll never find myself.

But, I have decided I'm going to stop worrying about finding myself and just get lost.

What this is

This blog is about getting lost in the world, it follows my travels, past and present, and helps me look to the future and the new places I want to visit. You'll find wish lists of all the places I want to go, tips for travelling, stories about the places I've been to and more. There is a lot of content about New Zealand here, and I have started capturing a lot of my travels in aerial photos and videos!

Mostly, I'd like to share some of my hidden gems! 

I like travelling on a budget and getting the most out of my hard-earned $€£¥R so where I can I love to give money saving tips and off-the-beaten-track advice. I love telling people about places they wouldn't find in a travel brochure if possible, so will try and make that a focus where I can. 

Where I’ve been

The list of places I want to go to is much, much longer.


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Please feel free to request a media kit, I am happy to work with you on sponsored content or product reviews if they suit my content. 

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