Summer 2018

Europe The Lost Girls NZ

My trip to Europe started in April of 2018 and I flew into Amsterdam. I was there for one night and then spent two nights in Cologne before heading up to Denmark. I spent three weeks in a hostel with Workaway in Aarhus and once I was done I spent a night in Copenhagen before flying to Iceland. 

Once in Iceland I spent 4 nights in Reykjavik and from there I drove a car around the Golden Circle and down to the southern coast. Then I headed to London to meet a good friend because we were going to spend our birthdays in Santorini. But first, we had to stop in Paris to meet up with her other friend, so spent two nights there. 

After four nights with them I took the ferry across to Athens and stayed there for two nights before flying to Budapest for two nights (because it was cheaper than flying direct to Croatia), and then on to my next Workaway hostel in Fuzine. While I was in Croatia for those three weeks I passed through Zagreb and Rijeka, and I did a few small trips to Pula, Opatija and Ljubljana. Once I was finished working in the hostel I went to Zadar and Split. 

From Croatia I flew to Barcelona to embark on my journey through Iberia. Barcelona was two nights, then two nights in Valencia followed by one night in Alicante that turned into two, then two sweltering nights in Granada. The day after Granada I was heading to Gibraltar with a friend. I had to get to her in Marbella so I took a bus to Malaga and then another to Marbella. Then she drove us to the other side of Spain, Cadiz, so she could get a tattoo, and then we drove all the way back down to Gibraltar at last! I think I lost track of cities I visited that day, there might be one more!

My friend runs a fashion show in Gibraltar so I was there helping her out with that for three nights and then we went to Estepona for a night and then I was off. I stopped in Seville for a couple of nights before heading over to Portugal. I started my Portugal trip in Lagos (which was the best!) and then had two nights in Lisbon where I went to Sintra. My final stop in Portugal was Porto where I stayed for four nights and went surfing, yeow!

The next stop was a repeat for me! I flew back to Greece, to the island Mykonos where I couchsurfed for two nights. Then I went on a boat with Topdeck around some of the Cyclade islands for eight days and we went from Mykonos to Paros, Naxos, Ano Koufonisi, Ios and Santorini. Because I'd already done Santorini, I got out of there as soon as the tour was over and flew to Italy. I spent four days based in Sorrento and from there visited Positano and Amalfi. After that I flew to Rome for six nights. From there...

Autumn 2018 onwards

After Rome I headed back to Aarhus, Denmark to get a Working Holiday Visa and try my luck at staying in Denmark for a while. It is now February 2019 and I am loving my new little city. It has everything you need from a city but much less of the bad stuff! I decided that I wasn’t ready to go home, and by staying in Europe I would be able to travel further and see a lot more before finally returning home. As of now, I have no clue when I will return home, I just know I want to do another European summer and return to New Zealand for next summer.

Below is an updated version of the map of the places I’ve been. In orange are the places I visited since coming back to Denmark; Flensburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Krakow and Vienna.

The Lost Girls Europe Map