Road trip to Hampton Beach

Can you call it a road trip if you get there by train? Anyway, that's what I did on the weekend. Now that I've settled in to Melbourne a bit, I'm excited to do some more exploring. When we first got here, Sara and I did a lot of wandering around the city and inner suburbs, but I want to see what else is a bit further out. 

I'd heard Hampton was a nice little beach town and that's exactly what it is. I didn't look into what was there too much because I wanted to discover it for myself and not have any expectations.

Travel Australia Hampton Beach 1

It was awesome seeing the beach roll by as we started to get further out of the city. As we left the train stop I was stoked to see some of Melbourne's iconic graffiti art on a couple of walls. There wasn't much to the main street, some standard cafes and beachy stores, a Woolworths and some bakeries but there wasn't too much of interest so we quickly headed to the beach.

Hampton Beach 2

I am very happy we went, I'm on the hunt for a good beach to hang out at over summer, and I'll definitely be frequenting Hampton after what I discovered on the weekend...

Hampton Beach 3

Hampton has a dog beach!!! We walked through it and were just surrounded by dogs, it's a dream come true! I'm not sure what the hours are for summer, at the main beach we went to there were no dogs allowed during daylight hours, so might be the same for the dog part. I'll just give you a heads up, I am half-way to becoming a crazy dog-lady, I just need my own dog or 20 and I'm there.

Travel Hampton Beach 4
Travel Hampton Beach 5
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I could've spent the whole day taking photos of the dogs, they were so beautiful and excited, it would be hard not to be happy on a day like yesterday. The beach itself was nice, very calm with clear water and nice, soft, white sand. There aren't a lot of amenities or stores nearby but you can hire a kayak or paddle board. There were plenty of those rocky pier things along the beach, not sure what they're called though, which were fun for taking photos. The Sandringham Yacht club was nearby, offering some good views and we explored around there a bit while waiting for the sunset.

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Hampton Beach 9
Travel Hampton 9
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My verdict on Hampton Beach? I'll definitely be back in summer to soak up the rays and have a swim, maybe even rent a paddle board, but it won't ever feature if I write a list of my favourite beaches. 

How to get to Hampton Beach

To get to Hampton Beach from Melbourne CBD take the Sandringham Line train, it takes around 25 minutes and is the second to last stop.