Queenstown Highlights Video

How much can you cram into a 4 day weekend in Queenstown? Well, quite a lot it turns out! 

Check out my Queenstown highlights video for an idea of all the adventures you can have in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and this isn't even half of what I would like to do down there! Four days crammed into a 6 minute video, it was hard cutting it all down. If you want a bit more info, you can read the full post about my 4 days in Queenstown here

Fiji & Springbreak highlights video

Yeah, I know it has been a wee while since I was in Fiji (OK, maybe a long while), but after tossing up whether or not to post my video, I've decided I will. Bit of a waste to take so much footage and not use it! So, here goes:

Check out my full blog post on the experience here.

Fiji video