Packing for Europe

Getting ready for a trip is a funny thing. For months and weeks, it feels like you have all the time in the world, and before you know it BAM! You're in Europe! 

I will let you in on a shameful (not so secret) secret of mine; I'm the worst packer. For over 10 years I would go away to a week-long holiday camp at least twice a year, but I would always forget something vital each time. Sometimes it wasn't too bad, like a hairbrush or pjs. Other times it was a toothbrush, extra underwear or my bedding. So, for my Europe trip, I did a pre-pack a week prior to departure and then, and like Santa Claus, I'd been making a list and checking it twice. 

So, what do you pack for an indefinite trip to Europe from late Spring to Summer, and potentially Autumn?! Well...who knows what you should pack, but this is what I'm packing. 



These bits and bobs weigh the most in my pack so I'm hoping to make the most of them. I've even downsized to just my iPhone 8 Plus instead of a big camera, and I was gifted a Sony DSC-TX30. While my phone is only splash proof, the Sony is waterproof without a case for up to 10 metres so I will probably whip that out in Greece or Iceland if I want to keep my phone safe in bad weather. There's also my GoPro for those situations, but I think the camera will have better quality shots so I'll save the GoPro for time-lapses and other situations that may arise. 

I have also packed my DJI Spark and the portable charging unit, neither of which I had any troubles with on either of my flights. That's been my biggest worry, that airport security won't let me take some of my drone equipment onboard. I was really good and went and bought a Lipo bag, which is fireproof, and I've put my drone batteries in it, along with my Moyork power banks. They're not lithium from what I can tell, but I thought I'd be on the safe side as a few airlines only let you have them in separate bags in your carry on, so I figure putting them in a fireproof bag is the best I can do. 

The electronics I've packed for Europe

The electronics I've packed for Europe

And, of course, I have adaptors, extra cables and wall plugs for Europe and the UK with USB ports. 

I'm really happy that Worldcare gifted me their GoComprehensive policy; it's particularly comforting when you're carrying things that are really important to you! I've already had a few incidents with my drone so I'm very precious with it, and although it’s only covered when in my possession and not when I’m flying, it’s still a relief to have insurance. Worldcare offer some really decent options for travel insurance and I think it's worth getting it to have some peace of mind...especially if you're a worrier like me. Just be aware of the maximum value for electronic items and other expensive things you’re carrying, incase they’re valued at more than what your insurance covers. And, don't forget to use my code when you purchase yours to get 10% off! - THELOSTGIRLS10

Clothes & Shoes

Clothing has been a tough one. I'm not known for my minimalism, and it was hard packing for potentially everything from snow to sun. I'm currently in Aarhus, Denmark, where the days have been sitting in the low teens and the wind adds an extra chill so I'm glad I have my puffer jacket. I just wish I had a cool winter wardrobe like the Danish girls I see, they're all so stylish! I have 2 pairs of jeans on rotation and some t-shirts for wearing underneath my jacket. I've got a pair of white Chucks which are my "nice" shoes and my Nikes for comfort, then I have sandals and jandals for when I move on to warmer weather. 

When I head south I have a couple of pairs of shorts and a skirt, playsuit, two dresses and lots of chiffon singlets as they weigh practically nothing. I also had to limit myself on bikinis (at my mother's insistence, I wanted to take more), so I only have my three favourites. I've packed my awesome Piha Swimwear one for when I hopefully go surfing in Portugal, can't wait!!

My favourite bikini from Piha swimwear is definitely coming with me!

My favourite bikini from Piha swimwear is definitely coming with me!


I won't go into a lot of detail about my toiletries but there are a couple of things that deserve a special mention. The first is Goodbye Ouch balm which I was given by a friend. It has over 80 uses but so far I have only used it for a few - lip balm, moisturising my hands and on my face to protect it from the wind. Oh, the wind of Denmark... Then there's my old faithful coconut oil. It's always my go-to makeup remover and you only need the smallest amount to remove all your mascara. I wish I had more though because I think my hair could really use an oil treatment. I guess I'll just have to see if I can pick up a small amount at a supermarket. 

What do you take when you travel? Are you able to pack lightly or do you take everything and the kitchen sink?