How I plan my travels

The best and worst part of travelling is the planning. I'm not an overly organised person, and the whole theme of my blog is to get lost, but when you're only travelling somewhere for a few days or a couple of weeks you have to be realistic and plan ahead. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on stuff you really want to see, or not making the most of your holiday.

Here are some of the tools and sites I use when planning my travels:


Yes, I have a whole album on Instagram of waterfall shots ;)

Yes, I have a whole album on Instagram of waterfall shots ;)

Instagram is the biggest one at the moment. I am soooooo grateful for the new feature which allows you to store up a bunch of photos that you really like. So whenever I'm scrolling through my feed and see something I like, I just save it. Then it's really easy to check the location later on and scope out other peoples' photos of the place and get a feel for it. 

Google Drive

Without sounding like a complete nerd, I seriously love Google Drive and Sheets. As I said, I'm not really a planner, but as a full time worker I only get 4 weeks a year, and I'm not one to spend half that time lounging poolside (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

I'm currently planning my trip to Myanmar and Bangkok, and I'll be meeting up with my partner when I get there. We currently have a Drive set up where we save our itineraries etc, and keep the planning Sheet. This sheet has several tabs; timetable, activities, accommodation and expenses. 

How I plan my travels - itinerary

It's cool to see it all laid out like this, to know what time slots need to be filled and when we're in one place too long etc. Because I'm really visual I added colours to the chart, then had a good laugh because my partner is colour blind and won't be able to appreciate it! 


How I plan my travels - Skyscanner

I really like Skyscanner for it's visual approach. I like to travel on a budget so I'm often looking for the cheapest options, trying to squeeze a holiday around a long weekend or something similar. I really like using the map function, although it only does return flights, which can be a bit niggly, it's still really handy to see when is a good time to book somewhere, and who the cheap providers are. I haven't come across any other sites offering a similar function either, but I wonder if they will in the near future. 


Although I find TripAdvisor quite clunky and dated, it's still a really good tool for travel advise. I read a lot of reviews on it, though I take a lot of them with a grain of salt, and feel it's important to leave reviews in return (although I've been pretty slack at it). 

Other blogs

A stunning shot of bagan at sunset from the traveling honeybird

A stunning shot of bagan at sunset from the traveling honeybird

Of course, you can't have a travel blog and not get inspiration from other travel bloggers! It goes hand-in-hand with Instagram as I find a lot of great bloggers through that channel, but when I want a little more information I take to the blogging world. I have been lucky to have had the help of the wonderful Jean from The Traveling Honeybird, who has several great reads about Myanmar, where I'm heading next. Through Instagram I met Kiara from Galloping Around The Globe who has a great article about exploring the temples of Bagan, which was number 2 on my Myanmar bucketlist. There are heaps of blogs out there, so it's a great way to research a destination for future travels! 



What tools do you like to use when you plan your travels? Do you enjoy that side of it or do you prefer to wing it?