The Finders Keepers Market

Melbourne really seems to have a thing for markets. From farmers to flea markets, you'll never be deprived of a good trip to the market in this city. 

Over the weekend I visited three different markets; the European Night Markets on Friday night (Madame Brussels Lane for the next three Fridays), the Prahran Markets (open all week, during the day, except Monday and Wednesday) and the best market I've ever been to by a country mile, The Finders Keepers market. 

Finders Keepers Market

I first heard about it through a blogger I follow on Instagram, K Is For Kani, who was there selling her stunning flower crowns. Sadly I didn't buy one because I have two at home that I don't have occasion to wear, but one day!

The markets were INCREDIBLE! It was a designer market, with a whole bunch of really amazing, creative things like terrariums, wooden jewellery, lace tepees, organic skin care and a whole lotta candle stalls. 

I ended up buying a new skincare set, a necklace, a wallet, a big candle and a couple of small ones, and a wall print. I could've bought so much more though! I got the business cards for a bunch of the places that had things that I wanted but couldn't justify buying, so its not the end for me and some of those lovely goodies. 

I've just found out that they're bi-annual (not annual as I had be told by a friend) and they'll be back in Melbourne in October so watch out! More details here.

P.S. I forgot to put the SD card back in my camera for this so these are all iPhone 5 photos D: 

Let me know if you've been to The Finders Keepers Markets, did you buy anything?