That one time I got upgraded to Business Class

In my lifetime so far I've spend around 190 hours flying, but there was one 3 1/2 hour flight that I will never forget. At around 6am on a Monday morning I was checking in for one of the shortest trips I've taken, flying from Melbourne to Auckland, after being in Fiji. The three flights prior to that hadn't been great, during the Fiji-Melbourne leg of my journey there were two little girls behind me, crying, kicking the back of my seat and just being all-round irritating. 

That one time I got upgraded to Business 3

Dreading what lay ahead as I checked in, I asked the lady at the Emirates counter if there were any emergency row seats left. She almost whispered to me what was possibly one of the greatest things I've ever heard before 8am; "sorry we had to take your seat, so we've upgraded you to Business". The last time I was at Melbourne airport flying home I was told I had to pay $200 in excess baggage fees, so you can imagine that this time my tears were not in despair. 

I hovered around the gate like a bad smell until they finally called to board (Business, First Class etc, you know, just the usual) and it didn't really sink in until I was diverted to a separate ramp to go up to the top floor of the plane. I was Snapchatting up a storm, bidding farewell to the plebs as I floated towards the door. At this point I would like to point out that this is not a sponsored post, nor did they upgrade me because I'm a super famous world-renowned travel blogger...although if anyone from Emirates is reading this, I'm totally open to doing a round 2! 

I had the stupidest grin as I walked to my area - yes area, because it would be an insult to call it an area - and sat down without having to squeeze past anyone and bang my knees on the chair in front. Early in the flight we were given a glass of champagne, the fancy menu, and a hot face towel to wipe ourselves down with.

That one time I got upgraded to Business 1

As you can see from the photo, I did not have to share an arm rest with anyone! And that is a little tablet that I could use to change what was on the screen. Here's a few other things that I got to enjoy on my flight...

The chair could be reclined to a horizontal position, the chair also had a massage function, there was a shoe box under the leg space, socks to wear once shoes had been removed and stored in the shoe box, two extra storage compartments under the window, a button to open and close the window for me, a little mini-bar with free drinks, a menu with more free drinks and fabulous food, a wonderful movie selection, an eye mask accompanied by stickers to put on the seat to let the attendants know when to wake me and the best part; noise-cancelling headphones. I did not need my half-complete puzzle book for this flight! 

That one time I got upgraded to Business 2

I wish I had gotten more shots of what it was like in the rest of the floor, including the bar, but I wanted to keep some facade that I belonged there. But in all honesty nobody would've even noticed, they were too busy enjoying their flight. I managed to watch The Nice Guys and half of The Legend of Tarzan, but sadly my journey came to an end. It was definitely the only time I didn't want my plane to land. 


I did a quick search for a similar flight on Emirates from Melbourne to Auckland and on Economy it would be around $260NZD but Business is around $870NZD. It was really interesting to see how the other half fly, I could certainly get used to it! 

Check out the little video I made, showing off all the features: