SpringBreak Fiji 2016

It was a week of dancing on the sand, swimming with tropical fish, toxic cocktails, half-assed togas and non-stop partying. I am definitely glad I decided to join a friend on a whim and go to SpringBreak Fiji 2016 on Beachcomber Island. 

Springbreak 2016 1

My friend used to work for George FM, who promote the event, and when she asked me to go to Spring Break with her this year I thought "why the heck not?". We always have a great time going out, why not do it on a tropical island? Lucky for me she is really organised and sorted it all for us, and by the time we got there we'd paid for it, so all we had to worry about was which cocktails to buy (food was included). 

While we were there, we were able to purchase tickets to a party on a sandbank or tickets to Cloud 9, a giant floating bar pontoon, as part of Spring Break. Beachcomber island is taken up by the one resort, and they offered free snorkelling trips twice a day, and the option to pay to go parasailing, jet-skiing, sea-biscuiting or snuba-diving. We went to the sandbank party, snorkelling and on the sea-biscuit, but weren't able to go to Cloud 9 until after the trip. 

Spring Break Fiji 2016 2
Springbreak sandbank
Spring Break Fiji 2016 3
Spring Break underwater

There were several NZ DJs on the trip with us, including SACHI, Marina Katerina and Bulletproof, and they kept it pumping all week, props to them. I must say though, our group (I think we had close to 200 people) was really chill and and kept a constant pace throughout which was cool. When you're on an island that talks 5 minutes to circle on foot it's easy to get annoyed with people and start drama but our week was fine.

Along with the sandbank party and the trip to Cloud 9, there was also a paint party, toga party and foam party (paint, togas and foam supplied, cheers!) and several beach parties, so we were well entertained the whole time. My personal favourite was the last night when we were treated to a cultural performance with fire dancers and ladies doing a Fijian version of the Hula, can't recall the name of it though. We also tried Kava, which is a Fijian drink that makes your lips feel numb and causes you to hallucinate if you drink too much. I wouldn't want to drink enough to find out, it tastes like muddy water. 

Spring Break firedancers
Spring Break toga party

My tips if you're keen to do something like this? 

  • Take lots and lots of bottled water with you from NZ as it is really expensive in Fiji. You will really need it after a night (or few) of drinking in that heat. 
  • Don't neglect your sunblock. My mother goes on and on at me about the hole in the Ozone and skin cancer, and this time I finally listened and avoided getting sunburnt. No regrets! So many people looked like lobsters but I just build up a gradual tan. I still managed to get heatstroke though... 
  • Don't worry about who you're going with. Whether it's a group of mates, a couple, you and your ride-or-die, or just you, you're bound to make heaps of new friends regardless.
  • If you can afford it, get a room with air con. Otherwise, invest in one of these: 
Springbreak water bottle
  • Don't bother with underwear. Apart from a pair for each of your flights, you won't need them because you'll just wear togs the whole time, the beach is literally 15 seconds away for when you want to cool down. 

If you like the sound of that, keep an eye on the website for announcements for next year, or sign up for Spring Break Raro next January, I think they still have tickets! Let me know if you do decide to go too, would love to hear from you!