Travel to: Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful little country on the Adriatic Sea, which to me seems like a less touristy version of Greece. Unfortunately, I have not yet visited either country, and will rectify that soon I promise, but from what I have heard it is an amazing place to visit and should already be on your Euro-wishlist. 

Travel to: Croatia 1

The Republic of Croatia declared independence in 1991, making it only a year older than me, though it has a long and complicated history, which is a story for another time (probably best told by someone who actually knows what they're talking about!). You may already recognise one of its cities, Dubrovnik, AKA Kings Landing from Game of Thrones! 

Why travel to Croatia?

Ancient, walled cities overlooking the stunning Adriatic Sea, National Parks with incredible lakes, stunning diving spots and charming villages make Croatia a desirable spot for tourists and travellers alike. I know it's very popular with people my age to do a Sail Croatia, which I think my best friend is doing next year so I'll have to steal some of her photos from it, thanks Sara! 

The Wandering Quinn gives some insight about Zadar, Split, Sibenik and the Plitvice Lakes National Park

If you're looking for some inspiration for some beautiful spots in Croatia, The Wandering Quinn has you covered. I've heard really great things about Split and Ellie's photos really prove that it's a spot worth visiting. Zadar and Sibenik are such quaint little seaside towns and in the below shot of Sibenik it kind of reminds me of Cinque Terre with it's bright colours contrasting with the ocean. And of course, the stunning Plitvice Lakes in the middle of the lush forest are a must-see for anyone visiting Croatia. 

One great way to take in the view of the walled city is to hike up Mount Srð...I have no clue how you'd pronounce it! The walk takes less than an hour, 45 minutes according to Marina, and it really looks like it's worth the hike! There is also a museum up the top, the "Imperial Fort", which will give you some history about Dubrovnik. 

The Free Passport's photo gallery

If you prefer to take inspiration from simply scrolling through photos like me, you should just take a look Trisa's gallery of photos of Dubrovnik, they're all absolutely stunning and really give me FOMO! 

Put the World To Writes shares some helpful tips for Game of Thrones fans

Now, if you're a huge GoT fan and you want to see what Dubrovnik has to offer, you should definitely check out Emily's blog post, The 7 Things Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Do In Dubrovnik! It's commonly known that numerous Kings Landing scenes were filmed here and this post tells you all about those, and more; apparently you can also see where they filmed some scenes from Qarth and the House of the Undying. 

So there you have it, 4 amazing travellers sharing their tips and advice for visiting Croatia, hopefully I'll add myself to the list soon!

If you want to do a tour that includes Croatia in its itinerary there are some great deals on Tourradar for Europe at the moment, could definitely be a good option if you're not sure about doing it on your own just yet. 

Would you travel to Croatia, or have you already been? Let me know in the comments below!